Friday, October 29, 2010

Helping Students Find Actors -

Allow me to introduce myself to all of you. I am Ralph Goin, actor and moderator of the DALLAS TABLE, a group of industry professionals dedicated to supporting all facets of the film-TV-commercial-industrial and stage aspects of the entertainment industry. Our members include all vocations behind and in front of the camera. We are a chapter of the L.A. TABLE, founded 19 years ago, by Marc and Elaine Zicree, long time writers and directors in Los Angeles. As a way of demonstrating the support of our members, we are particularly interested in helping our members find quality student films to practice their craft in. This is a very rewarding for our actor members. We know how intimidating this process can be for students. So, we are having a special DALLAS TABLE meeting next Wednesday evening, during which we will have a group discussion on this topic, from the perspective of the actors your students are trying to contact and cast.

The reason this topic came up is that many of us, who have made a practice of auditioning and acting in student films, have noticed in the recent past, that the quality of the notices and the audition process for student films in the DFW area has not been as high as we have seen over the years. Many of us have not been auditioning for as many student films as a result of this trend. By making the faculty members aware of this challenge, we hope to increase the success rate of your students' auditions. We will also tap into the expertise of the producers and directors attending the meeting.

We therefore would like to extend an invitation to a faculty member of your film school to attend. Just reply to my email so we can have an approximate count of attendees. We usually have 40 to 55 of our 145 members at our meetings.

Our next meeting will be next Wednesday, 11/3/10, at 6:30P.M. at the Golden Corral Restaurant, 3312 Forest Ln., Dallas. That is just East of Web Chapel. Our meeting room is in the far right hand corner of the restaurant as you enter the facility. If you wish, you may purchase a serve yourself dinner. We really hope your school will be represented. We look forward to a healthy exchange of ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 972.998.4910.


Ralph Goin

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