Friday, February 5, 2010

TXU Video Contest -

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Videos should reflect one of the following topics/themes:
1) Renewable Energy: Express through video the benefit of a renewable electricity plan for the home, like TXU Energy EarthWiseSM, which is a 100% renewable energy plan, utilizing Texas wind energy. Looking into the future, what do you think Texas would "look" like, given the potential impact of renewable energy plans?
2) Role Model Influences: Choose someone who may have influenced you or others, like a family member, friend, school, business or other organization that exemplifies forward-thinking, creativity and/or innovation with regard to energy conservation and/or energy efficiency and showcase them, their methods, accomplishments and influence upon others.
3) Behaviors: Express through video how you do, can or would influence people around you to be more engaged in energy conservation and to be more energy efficient. You might consider if it’s possible to achieve desired results without changing your lifestyle. You might also consider how you could expand your sphere of influence. Could your efforts become a "movement"?
4) Home Power Saver Challenge: What are the big energy wasters in the home that people should pay attention to? What are things that average people and families can do at home to make a big impact on being more energy-conservation and energy-efficiency minded?

Videos and completed permission and release forms must be received by February 10, 2010 in order to be considered for entry.

Click on the link below for complete rules & information:

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